Flash Art Magazine crowns Feride Uslu ‘makeup guru’

Feride Uslu Airlines Make-up Guru -shirt by KassoforKasso/uslu airlines -special edition-read the article – http://www.flashartonline.com/Fresh_Start/pg_MAKEUP.htm

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It is a rare moment when a make-up artist is labeled as an artist by an art institution but that is exactly what happened when the undisputed galarists bible, Flash Art,  celebrated Feride as "the ultimate futuristic makeup guru". www.usluairlines.com



Flash but not Art – Naomi Campbell is in jail now for beating up her maid, now that is something…. I remember her when she was so sweet. Whats Up, Naomi?  Read more about it on gawker.com.

Diane Pernet

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