Blessed by Bless

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I picked up my Blessed by Bless cables, on my way home I passed by my favorite church and placed the cables at the feet of the Madonna. Afterwards I took them to the park. Conclusion, Bless cables work anywhere anytime.


You can order your own custom cables by Bless via their shopping on line or pass by the Bless boutique in le Marais 14 rue Portefoin, or give the shop a call 33148016743. How it works, if you are in Paris, is that you bring your cables to the shop where you can choose from a wide array of trimmings. Once you’ve made your choice, in a day or so your cables will be dressed. I bet you thought that I would have chosen black… Contact their website and see how it can work for you. I know that I’m not the only one with beautifully dressed cables, Bjork bought out the entire stock at the Bless Berlin store.



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Diane Pernet

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