Fri 27/01/2006 22:13 DianePERNET(1200)
Fri 27/01/2006 22:13 DianePERNET(1200)

The plan was to go to Galliano but the idea of a 20 minute walk in the end of the world in the freezing cold made me change my mind. That was a bit crazy on my part as all I had to do was call my friend Christophe Billet and go with him in his car. He called this morning asking me why I did not do that. The show was industrial, Krafwerk music and Galliano walked down the runway with his long blond hair and two bodyguards. Did not hear much about what the clothes looked like. 5 stories one was aviator. I got off the metro for Raf at the last stop which I figured was the right stop. In the end I got totally lost, walked 20 minutes freezing in the cold, no fashion pack in sight. Finally I got to the grand steps and ran into Godrey Deeney from FWD, and in fact he had not gone to Galliano either, said it was too far. If it had been warmer or if I had a driver, I could have handled it.  Once I got to my seat at Raf’s, the show began. Don’t get me wrong, they were not waiting for me to start. Beautiful coats, knitwear and of course lots of slender trouser suits.

Diane Pernet

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