Ofaett, report by Justin Morin


(images by Caroline Ablain)

Dear Shaded Readers,
I would like to share with you these pictures taken from the piece “Ofaett”.
“Ofaett” is a duet interpreted by Erna Omarsdottir and Damien Jalet, two fabulous artists with a strong sense of poetry and humor.
On stage, the two creatures are confronting their unique body : they become spiders, naked chickens or a strange giant for instance. Very primitive and sensitive, these monsters look like lost children.
I was deeply touched by the sweetness of these creatures, and I wondered to myself where this kind of freaks could grow. The answer probably lies in the title of the piece.”Ofaett” means “unborn”. I guess Damien Jalet and Erna Omarsdottir want to show us an unique place where life is frozen, where spirits play with their unborn body, as they play with our souvenirs…

Gabriela Fridriksdottir (artist, friend and collaborator of Bj