ORLAN Masques, Pekin Opera Facing Designs & Realite Augmentee September 6 – October 2014

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Today I had my first experience with augmented reality at the Gallery Michel Rein . On the ground floor of the gallery ORLAN presents a new series of masks from the Peking opera. 

 “The masks are formal characters which speak before speaking to the spectators through their colours and signs. For my “opera” I immediately show that I am ORLAN with the two lumps that transform my face. I present myself and I play with the colours, signs and masks. In the universe of photography which resembles that of canvas painting, make-up is paint on the skin which becomes a mask.”
These works contain an unprecedented principal of augmented reality. [2]

You download AUGMENT from the apple store and then you stand in front of the work and you scan it and then we see ORLAN performing in front of you. Augmenting reality refers to computing systems which enable  the superposition of a virtual 2D or 3D model onto our natural perception of reality in real time. This is the first time in the world that this technique has been applied to an art project.



Michel Rein Paris

42 rue de Turenne

75003 Paris


till October 18th

Diane Pernet

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