Today I was invited to Socrates Socratous studio. It was 17:00, the taxi drove me there with gray rainy sky of Athens following us like a curse..Socrates is a Cypriot artist who lives and works in Athens for the past almost 10 years.On his flat’s wall there is a big collage of the pictures he took from Athens 2004 Olympic games. It was a project he was involved to the max..The pictures look really alive.. Dscf0009_1

His art is very (very) sensitive. I first saw his work in 2001, at Tirane BIENALE Festival where he presented "THE GARDEN" …As you know there is a big focus on Turkish and Cypriots artists at the moment ,so a while ago  , Socrates visited his birth country to participate in an exhibition organized especially for the curators of MANIFESTA. The main reason was for them to see "whats going" on in ART-terms on an Island like Cyprus which was silent for so much time.Dscf0023_1

He doesn’t know if he is chosen to be in the original MANIFESTA festival due to happen in 2006 in Nicosia but lets hope he will be.Dscf0038_1 Dscf0029 The tittle was "GLOBAL DEER". This year there is also a group exhibition that Socrates is participating . Tittled "Illegal Installation" his work is based on a burnt wooden floor among a pair of flying loving pigeons which are hanging from the ceiling.Dscf0040 I am not an art critic though and I am scared about what my comments look like.

The picture above and below is from what Socrates presented to the Manifesta Curators.

Socrates is very gentle guy, he is a big fan of Diane Pernet and I discovered it by coincidence. We hadn’t spoken to each other for a long time as I was living in Paris in 2004/05 and he called me after he had seen Diane’s weblog. I was supposed to meet another artist today right after my Socrates appointment but unfortunetely she wasn’t at her studio.  I am crossing my hands also for the Sophia Coppola and Father snapshot all the way from Thessalloniki Festival. You will be the first to know.Dscf0004 Dscf0008_1

Here is Socrates being shy, enjoying his tea.


Filep Motwary for Diane Pernet  A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION….