Sascha Lilic, Editor in Chief of ABOVE Magazine

Sat 19/11/2005 15:42 DianePERNET(724)
Sat 19/11/2005 15:42 DianePERNET(724)

I had not seen Sascha in a while so we decided to meet today in one of my favorite tea salons. We had a lot of fun talking about everything from Helmut Newton photographs of him to all the book proposals that he is getting to his new book on Chocolate, etc. etc.

If you are interested in reading more than you can find on my site about the beginning chapters of my life, pick up ABOVE volume 3 Souvenirs. Volume 3 of ABOVE even made it to  20th century fox. They   are producing the film version of the Devil Wears Prada starring Meryle Streep as the Anna Wintour character and the magazine may or may not appear in one scene in the film.



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