Jill Magid/Libration Point at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Nov 13- Dec 31, 2005

GambierbigjpgJill Magid’s Gambler Night DVD edited police CCTV footage 4:11min. soundtrack: Astrale by Giovanni Fusco 2005

“Gambler Night is composed of two simultaneous views of a city street at night. Filmed on public surveillance cameras and saved in time-lapse format, the video rhythmically alternates between the two perspectives: Camera 3, Camera 4 Camera 3, Camera 4…While one camera view remains stable, the other travels. It tracks a woman and closes in upon her. As the cars pass, their blue headlights glow. A ghostly film score overlays the footage.”

Compositehkjpg_2Composite by Jill Magid

Composite Forensic composite drawings (ongoing); letters from the artist 2005 “Based on the cognitive interview used by police, FBI, and forensic artists to acquire information from a witness about a suspect, I write a letter. In the letter I ask people I have known to recall from memory my face in detail.”

“I write a second letter, to forensic artists, explaining that a woman is absent, that I can provide a description of her, and that I require their help to realize Her.
Positioned between the describers, I mediate the process between them for as long as they will allow me to do so, or until She comes into view.”


Jill Magid Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Guest Curator Jelle Bowhuis November 13- December 31, 2005

Jill is an American based in Amsterdam her new show Libration Point: a point between two massive bodies where the gravitational forces between them are essentially in balance.

“To enter a system I locate the loophole.”

“When in love, I separate a someone from the everyone.”

“I like secrets, not necessary in their exposure but in their very existence”

Jill Magid

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam http://www.smba.nl/

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