Thomas Beckner reporting from Art Week NYC

The avant-garde has always laid claim to history through its challenges and victories over the status quo. In 1917, at the unjuried Society of Artists exhibition, Marcel Duchamp unveiled the world’s most famous ready-made art object: “Fountain”. It is in this spirit of the unexpected that some of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s most forward-thinking and cutting-edge galleries, Capla Kesting Fine Art, Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art, Front Room, Glowlab, McCaig-Welles, and Outrageous Look have collaborated to present “Fountain New York 2007”. Expect floor-to-ceiling displays of brand- new works, bold installations, impromptu performance events and the best parties of the weekend, as this exhibition makes its mark in a massive 5000 square foot space at: 660 Twelfth Avenue, a few blocks from the Armory show at Pier 94.

“Fountain” is a guerrilla-style art fair – under the radar, independent and highly influential. This independent aspect gives Fountain its edge: young Brooklyn based galleries showcasing fresh work without official booth spaces or selection committee juries. In form and spirit, the artwork shown truly reflects the avant-garde and in-your-face attitude equated with the Dada movement. – quoted from site

This first video is of R. Nicholas Kuszyk’s work. You wouldn’t think it with a name like that, but this guys is actually from Virginia and spends his time by painting endearing little metal robots in particular situations fro this exhibit. Check out more of his work here: Kuszyk’s site

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