Air New Zealand fashion week continues

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This has been my favorite day to date. The highlights had to include the Fashion Luncheon with an incredible speech by Cameron Silver of Decades in Los Angeles. Nobody can hold the attention of an audience like Cameron. I’ll post an image of that later. Then I had the great pleasure of meeting Ngila Dickson at her home. How many costume designers do you know that had two films up for an oscar at the same time. She was lovely to see us the day before she was leaving for an 8 month film called Blood Diamonds starring Leo di Capra. The Liz Mitchell show was also a highlight.

Cross Double Trouble the Dark Angels

Keisha_castle_hughes_oscar_nominee_for_w Keisha Castle Hughes Oscar nominee for  Whale Rider wearing Liz Mitchell after modeling in her show.

Lizmitchelltshirt Liz Mitchell

Diane Pernet

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