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Sun 09/10/2005 19:38 DianePERNET(468)
Sun 09/10/2005 19:38 DianePERNET(468)

Gustavo Lins got his expert training working as a pattern maker for luxury brands. Every piece of clothing is cut and sewn to perfection using only the finest textiles. This jacket is made of linen and leather other pieces are cut out of fine silk crepe. The collection is made for men as well as women and interestingly enough some of the pieces are cut out of one piece of fabric and then the remains of that fabric are used to construct yet another dress. Gustavo drapes on a mannequin that he has custom made and covered in leather. Bondage and horses seem to influence the designs which are sold to L’Eclaireur in Paris and Maxfields in Los Angeles, among other shops. Five weeks after he delivers his collection it is totally sold out.

Diane Pernet

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