Maybe you went to the little party at Le Truskel for Charles Anastase, Monday night. It was a fun time, no? The dj was playing great music. Nice people. The lovely Persephone handing out drink “chips” like a sultry Las Vegas card dealer…Didn’t really feel like a fashion party, did it, as the conversation had some depth to it… But you had one too many Irish beers and started getting messy….and not having had enough for the night, you and your mates left the pub and forged on to “Paris, Paris,” as “oh my god, everyone will be there…like Mark Eley from Eley Kishimoto!!!”

In transit, you dropped your notebook just off of rue Faydeau… and I found it.


I’m thinking you’re French, and female, as your notes are in French but some (like “upside down”) are in English. Maybe you’re a stylist, as there are notes from companies that I didn’t know were having shows this season, like The Gap and Camper. (“Everybody in khakis!”) Maybe you used the same notebook in London just recently. You have really bad handwriting. And the last shows that you attended (and documented) were “AF _ V” and “V & R.” This might be a long shot, but I’d feel better knowing that you were re-united with your notebook.


Your notebook (the “Barleycorn” brand) can be reclaimed at Galerie Baumet Sultana, 20 rue Saint Claude, 75003 sometime shortly after the evening of Wednesday, 5 Oct. Call first. 01 44 54 08 90 You will be asked a series of penetrating and revealing questions prior to surrender of the goods.

Dino Dinco