a few more images from Barcelona and London trips

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you know my phone was not cooperating for the last leg of my trip. Now I have my new nokia 6680 that I was given in Thailand and finally when I type a text it is in English and not in Thai. The keyboard is pretty unreadable however as it puts the letters both in Thai and in English so they are mini size.

Oriol in the green shirt when we went out for a bite to eat between the meeting and the opening party.

At home with Charles Anastase and Alban. They have a large apartment with an atelier on Old Street.
Yorgo Tloupas, creative director of INTERSECTION and Mai Ikuzawa, founder and CEO, top dog, of BOW WOW at Yorgo’s office which happens to be on the floor below Charles Anastase.
More at home with Charles Anastase
An announcement of the next show at FTM (25 years of i-D magazine and the outside of the door of Gilbert and George. I was walking on the street Sunday morning behind GIlbert and George. I wanted to ask them if I could interview them but by the time I caught up with them they had entered their door and I thought that it was too much of an intrusion to knock on their door so …here is their door.

My last day in London, at home with Zandra Rhodes and my friends, photographer Heiko with Mei Hui, designer behind the label Victim. Mei Hui and I met after my interview with Zandra and before my meeting with Robb, the phone was no longer taking images by then and neither was my Canon digital camera but Robb was looking great in his silver and sheer Bless windbreaker.
Nicolo Formichetti on Mei Hui’s mobile phone and Kim Jones after the TOPMAN show with Mei Hui and an auto portrait at Sketch after the photo shoot for New Zealand Fashion Week Sunday Magazine.

Later, Diane


Tinko and I went to Colette yesterday to make like a surveillance camera and while we were there I had Linlee model a knitted head band/sunglasses designed by BLESS. Somehow I trashed a beautiful photo of Tinko and his new friend Lucia….

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