On the set with Waris of House of Waris and Spike Lee

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last time I saw Waris he was off to work on the latest Spike Lee   film, Inside Man. Waris plays a bank clerk. I had asked him to send me a few photographs from the set. The movie wrapped a few days ago. Other members of the cast include Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Waris Ahluwalia and House of Waris spokesman….unofficial of course, Willem Dafoe.


The top image is Waris in the make up trailer and there you have Spike Lee wearing House of Waris. In the end he bought the horn ring and the enameled skull. On his right hand he is wearing the white gold and diamond skull ring. He’s totally decked out in House of Waris.

The film is scheduled to come out next summer in the states.



P.S. You might enjoy a visit to this link: http://www.billdolson.com/intro.htm  Bill Dolson’s  work is about the juncture between new media, land art and conceptual components.Here is  a sample of one project on Rayonist Compositions coherent light wall drawings. When I met Bill in the 80’s he was restoring race cars and living with my friend Sally Beers in NYC who was a fashion designer at the time. He is still obsessed with cars and drives them as an art project.


Here is one from a study for synthetic meteors , it is a still from HD Video animation:
Sdcor_ttCloudssthe photo of the artificially created clouds is by Sally Beers.

These are from the study on Orthogonal Planes Angular Intersection: Pinyon Pine, 2005, mixed media, lasers, pine tree approx 9x9x9′

Diane Pernet

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