Gems Amongst Gems: HOMI Fashion and Jewels Expo in Milan


You unlock this door with the key of imagination (or a press badge). Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sparkle, a dimension of creativity, a dimension of opulence. You’re moving into a land of accessories and fashion, of adornment and art. You’ve just crossed over into… the HOMI Fashion and Jewels Expo! Never have I ever felt more like a magpie than in this sea of jewels. Yet there are a few pieces and brands that catch the eye and nearly give me whiplash as I walk by. Here are just a few samples of the immense talent, beauty, and fun on display at HOMI this year-

Enamel plated copper in shades of stoneware, plisse metal, flat and geometric shapes give way to architectural statement pieces. Greek designer Dora Haralambaki sticks out amongst a sea of gold minimalism and tiny little pretty things with bold shapes in subdued, earthy tones and metal accents that feel at once both regal and raw, maybe even a little punk. Obsessed.

Cosmo Petrone is specialized in timeless elegance with vintage inspiration. “They do not follow passing trends, but rather embody desires, encapsulating them in an inimitable piece of jewelry.”  Che Bella…

Fringed leather chokers with adjustable knots to personalize length and leather accessories that wrap around the body reference shibari and bdsm. Designer Giulia Boccafogli manipulates leather into modern, sexy, powerful pieces which underscore the power of the divine feminine.

Crochet wire seems to be trending right now, and Brazilian designer Toni Barros’s rendition might be my favorite. Next to knit copper wall hangings that seems inspired by the work of Ruth Asawa, a display of intricately and delicately crocheted wire bracelets, necklaces and earrings demand attention!

Body Cartography- Bijoux D’os by Margherita Potenza. These minimalist, archaeological bone plates are giving transhumanist chic. Crimes- or rather, designs of the future.

Hypnotic necklace and earring set by Irene Varriale. Suddenly you’re feeling very sleepy..or like emptying your bank account. One of everything, please.

IdentiKill by Alfio Cangiani. Upon closer inspection, I think this is made of zip-ties? It’s like, Simone Rocha meets Hellraiser.

I think Joan of Arc is wearing this jeweled helmet/mask by designer De Liguoro in heaven.  

Giorgia Piscietti’s pendant necklace- a vintage silver brooch welded atop brilliant lapis lazuli is a little work of art that seems maybe too special to ever wear.

And last but certainly not least, lets take a moment to appreciate these eyewear interpretations on display at the “Visionaries” section at HOMI-

The Matrix but make it Baroque.

Fit for a very studious butterfly…

Eyes Wide Open!

How do I wear them? Probably anyhow, anywhere, and everywhere.

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Special thanks to the team at HOMI Fashion and Jewels for inviting ASVOF to experience and enjoy their triumphant exposition. It was an absolute pleasure- a fountain of beauty and inspiration. Until next time! Xo 

Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.