Ronald van der Hilst – Tulip Master – with his Bloom cover

Tue 02/08/2005 19:40 DianePERNET(975)

Tue 02/08/2005 19:40 DianePERNET(975)

Ronald van der Hilst holding up his Bloom cover at my request

Ronald van der Hilst is a transplanted Dutch man living in Antwerp. His specialty is garden and landscape design and along the way he has created a crystal vase, which will morph into a line of crystal accessories in the near future, and he paints and curates tulip shows.Every Autumn Ronald creates a new collection of tulips which include some species that date back to 1595.

Lovers of tulips prepare to unite in Antwerp next April and May when Ronald van der Hilst has convinced the local museums, including the fashion museum, ethnographic museum, diamond museum, film museum etc. to  celebrate "The Tulip of Antwerp."

Later, Diane

P.S. Shaded Viewer Ninette Murk was amused by my current fascination with the tulip and sent me this photo of her and her brother, her Dad was a flower bulb grower and I suppose his name was Frans.

Did you know that tulips originated in Turkey, not Holland as I’d always been led to believe.

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