James Heeley Discusses the Quest for Perfection in Perfume. Interview by Carla Seipp.


Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

If every fragrance can be considered a story, then James Heeley's art of narration shines through as exceptionally modern and refreshingly clear. Sel Marin equates to an afternoon standing on the docks during a clear spring day, the salty sea spray refreshingly hitting the skin, while Cardinal cradles one in the spiritual sanctuary of a church, standing amongst the smooth mahogany wood benches and incense scented air.

With ten Eau de Parfum and three Extrait de Parfum scents currently produced under his independent fragrance brand Heeley, the England-born and Paris-based perfumer has established his own trademark of uncomplicated elegance, managing to even turn notes such as mint or tiger balm into highly refined products.

In the space of his flagship store, James Heeley sat down to express his thoughts on the perfume as art debate, the eternal search for the perfect fragrance and experimenting with scent outside of the perfume bottle.

What was the first perfume you ever wore?

The first perfume I ever wore, that I remember anyway, was Habit Rouge by Guerlain. I wasn