A glimpse at a letter to me from Patrick de Muynck from FFI on the Raf Simons presentation at Pittimmagine in Italy

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was corresponding with Patrick de Muynck today from Flanders Fashion Institute ModeNatie and I asked him how Raf Simons presentation went in Italy. I enjoyed his response and asked him if it would be okay if I posted it for you to read, he gave his okay.

Dear Diane,
>> Imagine de Giardino dei Boboli at Palazzo Pitti, after climbing up the hill to
>> a natural amphitheater where the audience gathered around "Il giardino della
>> Vasca de Nettuno " under a loaded summer heatwave , and then finally  a David
>> Bowie  "Heroes " remix  washes over us like  a fresh breeze with Raf’s
>> interpretations of gladiators,  on sandals, some with Air’ soles,
>> fitted knits , razor cut jerseys and latex tops, Harnas woven poplin
>> shirts,worn with transparent linen trenches and suits, and of course many
>> baggy trousers….all the  ingredients one expects from a  genuine Raf Simons collection. The models descended from the monumental stairs and after climbing all the way  up they appear
>> as statues facing the audience. The mature silhouettes revealed the future of men’s fashion to his  Italian Audience. Bertelli must have loved it.  His hosts  offered Raf a fantastic platform and  a great video installation in yet another superb location, the
>> orangerie. In addition they published a book on  his 10 years in Fashion, what a
>> book!!!!, and last but not least 800 people where invited to  a buffet
>> dinner around the most beautiful fountain in the park.
>> Italians do it better!!!!!
>> You can have a glimpse of all this at www.pittimmagine.it
>> Bisous,
>> Patrick.

All I can say is that I wish that I’d been there.

Later, Diane

P.S. Excuse the fact that these last posts are without visuals, they’ll be back.

Diane Pernet

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