Elaine .Designer behind the label callioppe.

Sun 26/06/2005 17:42 DianePERNET(615)
Sun 26/06/2005 17:42 DianePERNET(615)

While Robb and Glenn were out having wild times in NYC and London,  was in London but glued to Tinko’s computer screen. My good  friend Elaine Neocleous was kind enough to leave her home to me and  Tinko.  Tinko Czetwertynski is the editor on my gumball film. We did not finish the edit yet but we made a lot of progress. Mark Eley, one of the designers behind the label Eley Kishimoto, came over on both days to have a look. The film will be projected along with the Six Neighbors film on the same gumball 2005 event for the launch of the Eley Kishimoto men’s wear collection on the 5th of July. I am totally excited. It occurred to me that Mark Eley’s car in the Gumball was number 13 and Elaine’s address was number 13, there are no accidents in life.
Later, Diane

More later, DIane

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