Tomoko Seko’s scarf custom made for DP

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Sorry not to have given you any news for a few days but when I figured out that the cost of the  internet at my 5 star hotel was 24 euros for 30 minutes I decided you could miss me for a few days. I’ll post some images from my trip tomorrow and I might tell you about my experience with my first stalker, a 22 year old female journalist from Kazakhstan.

Before I left for the gumball rally I had requested a scarf designed especially for me from Tomoko Seko. She asked me to give her a photo so here I am in the hallway of the Regent hotel in Kazakhstan. It’s late and I’m tired, I was up at 4h30 this morning and now it is lh30 and Kazakhstan time is 5 hours ahead…

Take care, Diane


Photo by Robb Young at the Regent Hotel in Kazakhstan


photo by Robb Young at the Regent Hotel in Kazakhstan

Diane Pernet

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