Justin Morin and his embroideries

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’ve been quite fascinated of late by the embroideries of Justin Morin.

Devrim by Justin Morin

Every day in fact I look at his icons on my desk top Dear One and My Love in the shape of two  pink hearts. Instead of painting Justin uses embroidery as the medium for his portraits. He feels that the act of an embroidery is filled with hope, dreams and wishes and that the act of making the actual embroidery spreads the time of the wishing. He says, "It acts as a moment of devotion which transfigures the gap, and in a certain way, calls the one who is missed."

Devrim by Justin Morin

The idea of weaving the words, "I’m happy when you smile at me" or "I suffer because I miss you" puts the embroidery and real life into contact. Justin views life as a place  for meeting people and he sees each person as an additional layer of experiences that we place one on top of the other.  Like future heirlooms these embroideries cover and weave ones existence. "Nothing is erased, nothing is canceled, everything gets superimposed…in my whole work, I like to speak about the idea of lack."

A close-up of Devrim by Justin Morin

If you would like to commission your own portrait by Justin you can contact him directly  at justinmorin@medica-menteuse.com.

Take care, Diane

Diane Pernet

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