USEFUL PHOTOGRAPHY no. 005 or Lord Lily and his offspring

Useful_photography_005_1Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lord Lily of the golden seed

Meet the legendary Lord Lily. His semen is gold. 1.1 million pots of his seed have been sold to farmers worldwide. Which has resulted in Lord Lily (who originated from Friesland) siring many hundreds of thousands of daughters. Useful Photography #005 presents a selection of these fine specimens, in one of the world’s most practical kinds of photography. Yet this can also be considered as a painfully constructed art form in its own right. Note the straightened backs from the carefully placed mound of grass under the front legs. The identical positioning of the hind legs and the head. And see that the ears are all upright. Now imagine that out of shot, the farmer’s helper is playing the sound of a bull, possibly on a car stereo, to make the cow stand to attention and ready her for sale.

But whatever happened to the proud father? All that is sure is that he wasn’t sold to the butcher. After so many years of relentless reproducing, his meat was considered to be too tough.

Useful Photography is a magazine produced by a group of artists and photographers who wish to give a platform to imagery that is part of our everyday lives but which is rarely studied or appreciated. Through a process of careful selection and the creation of a new context (in a dedicated magazine) these photographs are re-presented and reconsidered.

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Useful Photography #005
2005, collected & edited: Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain, Erik Kessels, Hans van der Meer,
Publisher KesselsKramer
Price 20 euro
ISBN 10-9070478064
ISBN 13-9789070478063

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