Mathias Ohrel & Tinko Czetwertynski

Sun 06/03/2005 19:24 Image(336)

Sun 06/03/2005 19:24 Image(336) Mathias Ohrel

After my visit with Boudicca I went directly to my friend TInko’s cocktail party in his new, large and beautiful apartment in Madeleine.


Tinko and friend

Mathias Ohrel was  there along with  ICON’s, Romina Shama.

Mathias is working on an article  about the fashion week that he never saw. I’m looking forward to reading that. He’s also working on a few other projects and articles and has not slept in days, He said that he looked puffy because of that, I think that he just looks great, as always.

Diane Pernet

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