Aurora Fashion Week Russia and ASVOFF Saint Petersburg…a diary, Day 2


In front of the onions
Ekaterina Puchkova and Robb Young 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Day 2 started off with a visit to the Hermitage Museum, turns out that February 15th is Spontaneous Love Day, I guess that is Russia's answer to Valentine's day but I think it is about love and kindness, if I have that right. 

The articulated clock
The articulated clock at the Hermitage

Music room
Of course you would probably need a few weeks to go through the entire collection at the Hermitage, but from the little that I did see, I fell in love with the music room. 

The walls
the walls

Gothic library
The gothic library 

After our visit to the Hermitage Museum we went back to W Hotel Saint Petersburg for the ASVOFF Saint Petersburg press conference. 

Before press conference.
W Hotel before the Press Conference

The programs
Press conference

Press Conference

Npress conference
Evgeny Gurevich, the translator and Uliana Kim

National TV NVU

After the Press Conference there were a few scheduled interviews and then off to lunch.

Day 2 to be continued…




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