SYSTEM’s Summer Love by Eliya Weinstein

Dear Shaded viewers,

There’s no romance quite like “Summer Love”. An enthralling passion that’s bound to end as soon as the season turns.

SYSTEM has followed this spark and it’s fleeting promises for their SS25 collection. Following the tale of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, they explored the complexities of a love in a fling and the pain that is left in its aftermath.

The spontaneity igniting a summer love is captured in casually chic tailoring, with slouchy shoulders on jackets and loose-fitting pants. An unexpected match is made between the geometric shapes of square cut fringe and the elegance of soft florals. Knitwear for men and second-skin, swim inspired tops for women allure to relaxed and sensitive moments in the sun. Their sandy hues and slate tonality speak to the way memories escape the grasp of time. Meanwhile, leather and oversized black silhouettes raise the intensity, seductively styled with bare chests on smokey eyed, wet-haired models.

Again bringing opposites together, accessories featured striking 3D geometric necklaces, and pearl necklaces with gemstone details. Large beach-ready handbags can carry all the essentials for windswept, love-swept days.