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I know I’ve been feeding you information about WHITE for a while now but September 22nd – 25th is really close and I just wanted to share a bit more information with you. WHITE’S globe trotting talent scouts bring you news from Kazakhstan and South Korea. You will find a showroom and five designers from Kaza: ZIBROO DESIGN, YKI, UTARI and KAMILA MOOR and Korea is back with STUDIOG.F.COCOROMIZ, JEGAL HUN, MURRAY ALLAN and TOVORONI in the IFP Showroom .

First stop – Korea

The first Korean research organization dedicated to fashion trends: Interfashion Planning. IFP offers consulting services across all industries including the fashion and design sectors. This season marks their third participation at WHITE with STUDIO.G, F.COCOROMIZ, JEGAL HUN, MURRAY ALLAN and TOVORONI. Although the brands are quite different from one another they exist in harmony in IFP Showroom.

F.COCOROMIZ , is both  feminine and fluid with volumes that glide romantically over the body. Even though the collection is made with soft fabrics in warm colors it is based on men’s tailoring none the less in a feminine and romantic way.

STUDIO.G creates clothing using light and natural textiles in contrast with a very structured silhouette. The idea is to empower the wearer with beauty, comfort and a sense of happiness in this ever changing world. Young Jin Eo is both the CEO and the designer and makes every effort to make a beautiful product that is embellished with embroidery and great attention to the finishing. Her motto is “Real Korean Tradition and beauty.”

Jegal Hun – The motto here is “A comfortable life” and in order to achieve that one also has to ‘Break Away’ from it. This collection focuses on the unique in complicated structures with attention to details. Cotton is one of the star fabrics in colors such as black, white, navy, grey and blue.

Murray Allan is a brand that started in the UK in 1971 providing cashmere clothes at reasonable prices. The brand prides itself on taking its looks outside the ‘Classic’ framework normally associated with cashmere.

Now off to Kaza where the Aliya Valeryevna brand showroom represents leading designers from Kaza and the surrounding countries. AV.A is a boutique that is located  in an apartment  in the city center and although very well located be aware that it is appointment only where you will be warmly welcomed.

Zibroo Design is a new project of Zibroo the brand that has existed in the Kazakh market for more than twenty years and is known for supplying teams with uniforms as well as catering to mass buyers. The International Olympic Games and sporting events are loyal clients of the brand. Zibroo Design however is dedicated to sportswear for the urban woman.

YKI brings you the spirtit of Kaza with hand embroidered bags  handcrafted from natural felt and leather which of course means they are green and eco-friendly.

Utari was founded in 2014 , Astana Utari S.r.l. Probably you are aware of the name of the brand as they have been providing the industry with 40% of the sewing and specialised machines.  The Utari factory employs over 300 people and is always introducing new equipment and innovative technology.

Lastly, Kamila Moor is based in Astana, Kaza and the designer Kamila Moor worked as a successful interior designer and stylist for media personalities before she launched her eponymous womenswear line in 2015. The focus of the collection is on sleek silhouettes in refined fabrics. The fact that she has an architectural background is visible in her love for structured lines and pure surfaces. The collection is timeless as opposed to trend oriented.

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