From Space Raves to Wilderness Waves BLUEMARBLE SS25 by Leticia Dare

Dear Shaded Viewers,


BLUEMARBLE is on fire—embracing public virality like a pro both on and off the runway. Anthony Alvarez’s beloved menswear label made quite the splash at Paris Fashion Week, presenting its Spring/Summer 2025 collection to a star-studded crowd including French Montana and Arlo Parks.

Though BLUEMARBLE is still relatively new, its impact feels eternal. The brand’s youthful energy is infectious, promising an immediate grin. Alvarez’s past vision of a rave in space with extravagant fur hats and puffed outwear has evolved into an adventurous expedition, making the great outdoors the new fashion frontier.

The venue was dark, save for a vibrant panel highlighting the runway exit. As paper snowflakes fluttered down, the anticipation was palpable. BLUEMARBLE’s 37-look collection was a kaleidoscope of multicolored camouflage prints and protective gear ready for wilderness escapades. The show opened with hooded outerwear in green, black, and grey tones, followed by vested variations with caps adorned with bird feathers. Translucent tanks and warped denim showcased the brand’s versatility, while studded trench coats and sleeveless hoodies were perfect for moonlit escapades.

Rainbow-toned camouflage, glossy trousers, parachute skirts, ink-stained button-downs, and rhinestone-encrusted denim added to the collection’s eclectic mix. Exaggerated blazers overflowing with silk handkerchiefs, pleated tracksuits, sun-printed knitwear, and glistening onesies rounded out the collection with BLUEMARBLE’s signature flair.

On the summer solstice, BLUEMARBLE’s vision shone brightest. Five years of boundary-pushing creations culminated in this collection, inspired by planetary fascinations and metaphors like Pangaea and the Butterfly Effect. Earth itself, our endless muse, was celebrated, with nods to the Orbis Terrarum and a reminder of our transcontinental connections beyond the digital realm.

The BLUEMARBLE woman is now stepping into her spotlight, adding her twist to the brand’s multi-faceted and inclusive ethos. From embroidered shirts with waist emphasis to high-fashion boots, she’s telling her own story.




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.