Rahul Mishra HC ‘22 – Looking to Trees for a Golden Inspiration | Images by NOWFASHION & Words by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In his latest collection for SS’23, Rahul Mishra wants you to sit under the shade of a tree, see the sunlight envelop the leaves and imagine the golden glimmering flecks of the tips of the leaves as they billow in the wind,

The dresses are an impression of that vision,

A couture of gold leaves, scales the runway

Articulately embroidered gold sleeves, and padded shoulders glimmering,

The leaves embrace the silhouettes and provides the framework for the form fitted dresses, the same goes for the gold flecked combi-pantalons, the way the shoulder pads extend out, give the impression of a burst of leaves, you see it happening on the sunglasses as well, the crop tops you needed for your night out paired with an articulate dimensional embroidery of forests, a landscape enveloping you, bursts of florals come into vision to remind you it’ll be spring again and colors will always reign supreme,

The finale is a beautiful cascade of gold leaves, imagine the trunk of a slender tree covered in them, a manifestation of the artists vision and a complete delivery for the hand-woven designs that empower the craft of the local artisans in India.

Thank you for having me Rahul, and for allowing me to see artistic wonder in the shape of a tree and all it has to offer.



Nafiseh Soolari

Nafiseh Soolari is a creative consultant, writer and photographer— "I love translating the beauty I see in all the moments around me, people, places, things; and I aspire to share my vision: to create a single moment for me and you to connect and realize what this amazing world has to offer..."