South Korean artist Paul Rho’s work is on view in New York City

Paul Rho is a New York City-based artist who was born in 1989 in Seoul, South Korea. He is an interdisciplinary artist dealing with personal memories through photography, video, sculpture, and performance. He began his studies at the University of Arts London and completed a bachelor’s degree in Photography at the School of Visual Arts followed by a master’s degree in Visual Arts at Columbia University. His practice concentrates on how photographic materials; paper, film, and light-sensitive chemicals can be transformed into sculptures rather than storytelling tools. The act of taking photographs has become our society’s behavior of existence due to digital technology. His photography is about chemical reactions, not the digital translation of 0 and 1. To honor the pioneers of photography, he investigates various methods of photography processes and sculpts with chemical photographs. Meanwhile, his work is influenced by personal experiences, such as folding, sewing, traditional Korean pottery, and Korean traditional music. When he was 14, he left Korea and lived in Canada, Italy, England, Argentina, and the United States. After living as an expat for two decades, he is finally navigating and accepting his roots. He currently resides and works in New York.

Paul Rho’s work is on view as part of a group show called “Prototype 1.0” at Springs Projects until May 20, 2024.

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