G7 -Artists Still/Moving erect ‘No New Worlds’ installation in front of the Carbis Bay hotel, where world leaders and thousands of security personnel are descending on the small coast and village


The intervention marks the end to two days of activities, installations and workshops in Carbis Bay where locals have been responding to the question: “What World Are You Dreaming of?”


Organisers say it is the first in a series of nationwide creative interventions which explore tough questions about how the UK can adequately address the urgent climate and nature crisis, whilst in the midst of an uncertain pandemic recovery.


The project is a collaboration between Letters to the Earth, Still/Moving and ‘Choose Love’ campaign pioneers Glimpse. Community gatherings and interventions are set to collect  messages, ideas and hopes for the future from local people around the UK, building up to a significant joint-message that will feature at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, November.


“These interventions are just a glimpse of what is possible when people come together and ask how to ‘build back better’ and create a fairer and healthier world. We need to hear from local people and make sure their voices are a part of the conversation.” – Kay Michael, Co-Founder Letters to the Earth


“Through conversations on the street and the workshops we were finding out what local people felt needed to be said. Working together, we’ve distilled their messages and elevated them as light sculptures. These words and the people that made them offer a portrait of this small community during this extraordinary global event. They want to be heard.”
Laura Hopes, Co-director Still/Moving.


One participant, Anne, proudly installed Saturday’s creation:  TO BE HEARD, in her garden on the main road through the town where it will be highly visible from now until the end of G7. The other phrase MORE HUMAN will be installed for the arrival of global delegates next weekend.  #ToBeHeard #MoreHuman
Diane Pernet

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