PARFUMS QUARTANA Unveils “Soleil Invisible”: A Journey into Healing Rituals

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PARFUMS QUARTANA, renowned for winning two of the world’s most prestigious blindfolded perfume prizes—the Fragrance Foundation Perfume Extraordinaire Award and the Art and Olfaction Awards Independent Category prize—is set to launch their latest fragrance, Soleil Invisible, on May 23, 2024. This release marks the second perfume in their new collection, Les Potions D’Entéléchie, inspired by ancient healing rituals.

As the only multi-award-winning American perfume house offering certified-clean and vegan options, PARFUMS QUARTANA stands out for its cruelty-free and IFRA-adherent fragrances. Soleil Invisible joins Forest of the Golden Dream in this innovative collection, both perfected over eight years in collaboration with IFF perfumers Celine Barel and Christina Christie. Creative Director Joseph Quartana’s near-death experience in 2017 inspired these fragrances, drawing from his journey of recovery.

The Les Potions D’Entéléchie collection draws on the healing practices of ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome, harnessing the power of essential oil combinations once believed to communicate with the gods, sparking inspiration and hope. These supercharged aromatherapies are designed to make one feel radiant and smell divine, with each perfume released sequentially to highlight its unique properties.

Released in October 2023, Forest of the Golden Dream transports wearers to an enchanted forest, evoking the crunch of pine needles underfoot, invigorating evergreen scents, and a pervasive golden solar radiance. As Joseph Quartana describes it, “Here the veil between reality and the imaginary thins, and here we can ‘kiss the gods’ and draw divine inspiration from them.”

The perfumes of Les Potions D’Entéléchie embody the Aristotelian concept of entelechy—invoking the full potential of one’s being through sacred essential oil combinations. This marks the first historical use of ritual perfumery to channel primordial energy, enlightening and enlivening the wearer.

Crafted near the original site of the 1968 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in Bethel, NY, these new fragrances blend cutting-edge science with the ancient wisdom and healing qualities of historic wellness formulae.

Soleil Invisible

“Eternal Sunshine of the Soul” By Christina Christie
@15% eau de parfum

CROWN – Opalene, Pink Pepper Oil CO2 LMR*, Passionfruit, Lychee, Tangerine.

HEART – Vetiver LMR*, Cypress LMR, Sichuan Pepper CO2 Absolute LMR*, Armoire Heart Oil LMR*, Rose Essential for Life LMR*, Orris Root LMR*

ROOT – Oakwood LMR*, Vetiver Oil Java LMR*, Vanilla Absolute Madagascar LMR*, Guaiac Wood, Gurjun Balsam LMR*, Labdanum LMR*, Ambertonic Crystals, Earthy Musk

* LMR denotes 100% pure, natural, sustainable oil source from LMR Labs, Grasse, France.

Original artwork by Carlo M. Zambotti.
Original musical composition and arrangement by Michael Zodorozny.


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