Dear Shaded Viewers,

DEVOTION PARIS is once again celebrating the explosive brilliance of the extraordinary & ultimate fashion illustrator & style
orchestrator of our time, Antonio Lopez, with the French premiere of James Crump’s dazzling film Antonio Lopez 1970, Sex,
Fashion & Disco on April 20 at the Silencio des prés, inside the mythical cinema synonymous with the Nouvelle Vague
movement. This extremely symbolic screening, in the heart of St Germain des prés, where Antonio once lived & created magic at his rue de
Rennes apartment, musing at le cafe Flore & la coupole with his muses Donna Jordan, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones & Pat Cleveland,
amongst other creatives, inspiring an array of fashion designers & houses, notably Karl Lagerfeld & Yves Saint Laurent, & still till
this day.

From New York City to Gai Paris, Antonio’s energy and spirit lit the city of lights on fire, bewitching the hearts and desires of
many and enchanting all who bathed in his light and hypnotic charm, an otherworldly allure.
Since discovering Antonio’s work as a student, fashion stylist & creative director, Catherine Baba, like so many creatives,
especially in fashion, fell in love with Antonio & his world immediately & after seeing this captivating documentary in NYC in
April 2019, Catherine’s dream to see this masterful tribute to Antonio brought to the big screen in Paris was sparked. Through
friend Corey Tippin, Antonio’s adored friend & collaborator, the connection with filmmaker James Crump was made that same
month, just weeks before Catherine was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. It was during that moment that DEVOTION was

DEVOTION PARIS is an association bringing together diverse creative forces in the fashion, art, film, and music worlds to
help advance cancer research and relief by celebrating the journey of recovery through creativity and community. It was created
by Catherine in 2022 after she finally underwent a bone marrow transplant at the Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris, the
world’s first children’s hospital, founded in 1802. Curating cultural experiences for diverse sensibilities, uniting and sharing stories relating to creatives, past, present and future,
founder Catherine Baba dedicated her first DEVOTION GALA and all funds raised that year to advance the research led by
Professor Hermine at the Institut Imagine situated on the Necker campus, primarily treating patients with leukaemia, while also
contributing to the advancing research for other genetic diseases.

The first DEVOTION was launched at the historic & iconic Maxim’s de Paris, with the help of the director, Pierre Pelegry, in
February 2022 once the COVID lockdown was lifted. Producing six events with five Soirées throughout the year, encapsulating
the essence of her singular style and sensibility, each a unique experience, a celebration of life for life, leading up to the Gala at
the end of the year in December, calling upon her luminary friends, artists, musicians, deejays, dancers & divas, including Kylie
Minogue, lighting up the dance floor & gathering a kaleidoscope of guests. Incandescent elegance & fervour ignited each night;
Art Deco, disco, bliss, blitz & glamour reigned in the sumptuous Art Nouveau jewel that is Maxim’s.
On the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21 2023, Catherine officially presented a cheque for €73 000 to Professor Hermine &
his team at the Institute Imagine on the Necker Campus.

Catherine celebrated her fourth anniversary of rebirth on October 1, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness month, with the
launch of DEVOTION TNT, a limited edition T-shirt & Turban produced by American designer & friend Rick Owens, including
the official DEVOTION logo artwork by New York-based artist & friend Connie Girl Fleming, at the Rick Owens flagship store
in Palais Royal Paris with a cocktail during Paris Fashion Week.

Simultaneously, with Paris Photo in November of that same year, Catherine presented the DEVOTION EXHIBITION
CELEBRATION, uniting with Melissa Regan & MR Agency, at the Pavillon Rive Gauche – Saint Germain. Previously a cinema,
this historically classed Art Deco treasure hosted a three-day event exhibiting the complete DEVOTION Art Collection, a
personally curated collection of contemporary art from acclaimed & adored artists past & present, including Antonio Lopez as
well as Stephan Balkenhol, Richard Bernstein, Delia Cancela, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, David Downtown, Michel Haddi,
Dominique Issermann, Eric Johnson, Joshua Klein, Christian Lacroix, Antonio Lopez, Maripol, Donald McPherson, Rose
Mihman, Dustin Pittman, Paul Simonin, David Sims, Michael Stipe, Hiroshi Tanabé, Mario Testino, Tony Viramontes, Ellen Von
Unwerth, Tim Walker and Andy Warhol.



Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.