Sinfonia Numero – not your mother’s stockings

Costume designer, stylist, and director Chiara Sabatini has recently launched her latest project, Sinfonia Numero. Under this new brand she introduces us to a clever and chic reinterpretation of classic black tights that pay homage to the layeredness of contemporary femininity. Sabatini has designed seven styles and two cuts; one classic black alongside a sexier garter cut-out style. They are subtly branded with phrases and quotes that reference feminism, film, literature- each quietly inviting a different energy and aura to the wearer. Crafted with the utmost attention paid to eco-conscious production, these tights are a witty and fun take on a staple in every stylish woman’s closet. 

She says, “In every woman there are many women.  Maybe today I want to feel ironic, or sexy, or engaged- I want to have the possibility to feel different ways. Tights are like a second skin, and with these tights you have many nuanced personalities, [they invite] many different ways to be.” 

My favorite pair has Mullholand Drive’a iconic “SILENCIO NO HAY BANDA” etched just below the bum. On another “A MINUTE OF NOISE” is printed behind the knee- or, on the knee, depending how you look at it. Think day-of-the-week panties, but all grown up! It’s like the most literal interpretation of wearing a little sexy secret for yourself, refreshingly taking into account the multifacetedness of femininity and the dimensionality of “sexy” which is so often overlooked. 

She also works in collaboration with and in support of Donnexstrada, an Italian association dedicated to helping victims of gender based violence. While telling us about the application Donnexstrada founded for safely accompanying women back to their homes, Sabatini exclaims- “What they are doing is so interesting because it is really concrete.”

A beautiful project with even more beautiful intentions. Highly recommend ordering one of every pair, for every day, for every sentiment to fill, manifest, or explore. 

“The tights are entirely created and produced in Italy, designed to wrap the body with delicacy and enhance it in its shapes as a chiaroscuro. The projects developed by SINFONIA NUMERO are committed to choosing partners that implement policies aimed at reducing the ecological impact and promoting the sustainability of the planet.

SINFONIA NUMERO is not only a brand of tights; it is also a project that sings the glory of words, words that in turn give rise to socially committed collaborations.” 

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Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.