Pressiat Revs Up PFW!

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, cross your heads, lips and hearts. In an effort to expand the house’s creative vision and identity, this season Pressiat teamed up with talents from various industries whose influences reach beyond fashion to create a singularly immersive show, installation, and collection.
Echo is inspired by the streamlined and industrial appeal of fast cars juxtaposed with the sure-fire efficacy of sending models with hot-rod bods half naked down the runway. It’s intense, cinematic, and sexy. 

Dark, sleek looks are punctuated by huge shaggy fur hats and jackets. Lace-up denim and leather, thigh high boots, ski glasses, men in butt bearing skirts ! The snowy set and winter-wear inspired elements are presented in stark contrast to the heat of Pressiat’s signature sex-appeal- this time embodied by high-performing, high-status cars. It defines their niche, their visual language, and confirms the brand’s identity in a stronger way than they have in the past. It’s safe to say, the experimentation has paid off. 

Piles of tires and white powder carve out the rows of seats. A violinist opens the show. Jean-Paul Gautier is front row. There was a violin performance. It snowed! Julia Fox closed the show debuting new lavender hair in a plunging, tits-baring dress made of repurposed tires. And a dance performance! 

The whole thing feels similar to the aesthetic/fetish universe of Cronenberg’s automotive-erotic-thriller, Crash, except much more fun. I’m thinking particularly of a scene with Rosanna Arquette at a car dealership, bent over a Mercedes-Benz in leather bondage leg braces. Cars are hot; Julia Fox is hot; Pressiat is hot, even in all this snow! 


Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.