Ghost in an iridescent shell at Guy Laroche

Taken as a whole, Adam Andrascik’s fourth collection for Guy Laroche was more suited to an adolescent with a penchant for rolling up her skirts and being called into the principal’s office than to the usual customer of this hallowed house. There’s a lot to bet that what ends up in stores will be the great separates that could be picked from his proposal: the long flowing trousers, thin-ribbed separates, well-cut trenches and slinky dresses.
His shownotes stated that Andrascik wanted to explore rebellious simplicity as opposed to “fashion’s emphasis on complication”. But throughout, there was a disconnection between what was believably within the house’s customer base. The lengths for one thing were more congruent with the contemporary set than with the kind of customer who can actually afford the brand. As for the grid-like iridescent fabric that looked like a unicorn’s reinforced packing tape, let’s just write that off as an oddity that will no doubt dissapear as Andrascik firms up his vision of the contemporary Laroche woman.
Lily Templeton

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