Vautrait Shows How to Age Like Fine Wine



Dear Shaded Viewers,

It may have only been established in 2020, but Vautrait is able to capture an elegance and allure that transcends the boundaries of time.

Founder and designer, Yonathan Carmel champions traditional craftsmanship, creating sustainable and timeless designs that age like fine wine. Vautrait is a rebellion against the desire for the temporary, the disposable, in other words, the desire to always find something new. Through its classical designs and deep respect for quality, it speaks to a mature audience – mature in terms of mind and thought.

Vautrait’s FW24 collection, placing it in the run for this year’s LVMH Prize, celebrates the process of ageing. While the designs are minimal, they exemplify the critical knowledge needed to achieve exceptional tailoring. They speak to a level of assurance, as quality is brought to the forefront. Meticulously constructed bold shoulders on floor-length coats and contemporary blazers deliver the highest standard for winter wardrobe staples. Yonathan’s signature reconstruction of menswear codes, where tailoring is reimaged to embrace the female form, was seen in leather and pinstripe suiting styles. Black faux fur coats command respect, while slivers of skin are tastefully revealed through the finest quality of textiles. In an intimate affair, the collection was modelled on a cast of all ages leaving no doubt about the brand’s core values.