Matty Bovan at Burton Agnes Hall
Photo: Christine Ratcliff
Hello my old talismanic. Talcum Dust.
Atticcrawler shoelicker
The southern window, the stain: black iron curled into the sun
Mudtreched rainbow moonbow
This carved wooden heart
Oh Save us, this
Tweeden scarapus loomed upon my shoulders Together 
aching in the ended ended the ended ended black lace stapled together
Geranium chopped botched and folklorals and laurels an english wet
Entering my vestry bested
Sassafras saffron steeping. Waiting my hot return.
Dranked drunked fill in up my bootseses
The other reaches over the lintel 
Santel burning charred wood nostrils.


Director Matty Bovan

Styling Matty Bovan

Creative Consultant Katie Grand

Mandi Lennard @mandilennard
Olivia Cunliffe-Lister @oliviacunliffelister
Plum Bovan @begoniapeterson
Christine Ratcliff @christineratcliff5
Jonathan Scott @jonathan.scott_

Editing Matty Bovan Studio

Lighting Matty Bovan Studio

Music Gunther Baare

Model Matty Bovan

Make up by Matty Bovan using Lisa Eldridge Beauty

Wigs and hair pieces by Matty Bovan Studio

Tweed by Linton Tweeds

Jewellery by Plum Bovan for Matty Bovan Studio
@begoniapeterson @babbym

Bags by Matty Bovan Studio

Gloves by Matty Bovan Studio

Tights by Taz Porter

Cashmere Scarves by Alex Begg reworked by ReWeave/
Kirsty McDougall Textile Design for Matty Bovan Studio
@alexbeggofficial @re_weave_

Fragrance Bluebell and Sartorial by Penhaligon’s

Catering by Carriage House Cafe

Location Burton Agnes Hall

Poem by Matty Bovan

Heartfelt thanks to Burton Agnes Hall, Simon, Olivia and Islay for making us so welcome in your beautiful home

Special Thanks

Nick Bovan, Plum Bovan, Jonathan Scott, Katie Grand, Mandi Lennard, Olivia Cunliffe-Lister, Laura Dooley, Agency Eleven, Linton Tweeds, Lisa Eldridge, Sarah Mower, Sarah Ford, Fabio Piras, Sarah Gresty, Lulu Kennedy
Diane Pernet

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