Lazoschmidl’s Fall 2024 Collection: A Departure into Elegance, Nostalgia, and Geek-Chic “To Us”

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lazoschmidl’s fall 2024 collection takes a departure from the iconic speedos, marking a coming-of-age moment for the brand characterized by heightened sophistication, meticulous attention to detail, and a shift towards more dressed designs. In a nostalgic twist, Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl revisited their inaugural season, pondering the question, “where are we now, and how would we approach that collection today?” However…there was a private dancer in the window in their iconic speedos.

Schmidl revealed that the brand’s debut, rooted in artists’ fascination with bodily fluids, inspired fall 2024’s abstract brooches. This season, their creative focus centered on artists such as Paul McCarthy, Joseph Beuys, and Gilbert and George, exploring the figure/uniform of the burgeoning artist with a touch of Moulin Rouge-inspired flamboyance. The lookbook unfolds with a check fabric-clad grandpa sporting snaps instead of buttons and a burgundy whip-stitched repair patch in homage to Beuys. A standout piece is a hand-worked red cotton twill coat, distressed, bleached, and hand-embroidered, along with bedazzled “grass-stained” jeans.

The collection’s polished ensembles feature wool check pants paired with coordinating shirts, presenting Lazoschmidl’s alternative take on suits. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the brand’s first skirt—a raw-hemmed mini with added ruffles to painter’s overalls, transforming it into a club-ready garment. A surprisingly subtle silver lurex tracksuit, layered with ski-style underlayers, a navy jersey cardigan, and leggings, continues the athleisure vibe.

True to Lazoschmidl’s signature style, the collection incorporates humor, with AI-generated mushroom images paired with the phrase, “Taste the forbidden fruit.” Schmidl clarified that this phrase originated as the first comment when asked to describe their brand back in Stockholm. The printed hoodies playfully reference medications like Sildenafil and Dronabinol, emphasizing that the brand is commenting on society rather than promoting anything.

Lazo emphasized their unique approach, breaking away from the prevailing trend of half-naked looks, stating, “But I think the nerd was always hidden in between the looks of previous seasons. We always liked the guy who was at school and turned out to be the sexy one 10 years later. The guy who plays with Lego and does chemistry experiments.” A quirky nod to geeks and a distinctive move away from the conventional.



The unfnished, unrealized frst Lazoschmidl collection. Erected 2014.

“Our lives can be seen as performances.”

The pieces, partly hand-embellished, manipulated and upcycled, delve into an artist’s wardrobe seen from a craftsman’s angle, destroyed and repaired, worn by next generation bon vivants. Feeling out of place, falling in love.

Manipulations include distressed denim, re-stabilized with Swarovski crystals and pearl embroidery. Beaded appliqués decorate frayed knitwear, while substances of self-medication appear as typography on merch garments. AI generated mushroom prints accompany the journey of self-discovery and contemplation. A dedication to the legacy of performance and selfe artists who are obsessed with body liquids and the human desire to procreate.

Film Credits
Director & Still Photography: Julius Hayes
Director of Photography: Sara Dehlin
1st AC: Jesper Lundqvist
Grip: Filip Ehrenstråhle
Hair: Tony Lundström
Make-up: Johanna Larsson
Set Design: Mikael Lazo
Location: Studio Dagsljus Stockholm
Styling & Movement Direction: Josef Lazo
Styling Assistance: Till Garcia de Oteyza Arends, Truls Töndel
Models: Benjamin F @ Kult, Georg L @ Mikas, Hampus B @ Kult, Hugo A @ Nischmanagement, Isak G @ Kult, Valentin V @ Mikas
Artistic Direction: Andreas Schmidl
Music: Carl Hjelm

Special Thanks
Serge Carreira, Benjamin Lavén, Maria Lilja, KVADRAT, Swarovski


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