Intimate Mythologies: Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte’s Visual Ode to Fertility and Union and the Project Room with Frank Horvat till January 20th, 2024

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In “The Myth,” Juergen Teller, alongside his wife Dovile Drizyte, offers a whimsical take on the age-old fertility narrative, featuring a series of playful “legs up” poses. This creative endeavor comes as a sequel to their 2021 work “We are building our future together,” where they donned construction attire, symbolizing the building blocks of their shared life. Now their latest project captures this personal evolution.

Set against the backdrop of the opulent Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni on Lake Como, the couple traverses all 97 distinct rooms to capture a sequence of images. These photographs range from full displays of Drizyte’s form to more abstract shots of her legs and feet, artfully arranged behind various elements of the rooms, creating a sense of playful surprise and intimacy through Teller’s affectionate lens.

Echoing the dramatic and enigmatic quality of Teller’s 2004 “Louis XV” series, there’s a sense of revisiting and reimagining past narratives. However, in “The Myth,” there’s a touch of fortuity, a feeling that’s heightened by the hotel’s own storied history of art that celebrates motherhood and familial bonds. This serendipitous environment, rich with depictions of pregnancy, infancy, and family, provides a fortuitous ambiance to the Tellers’ visual storytelling.

The photographs are not just images; they are tangible expressions of Teller and Drizyte’s trust and artistic synergy. As new parents, these visuals serve as both a testament to their relationship and a nod to the legacy of family that the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni embodies.

If anyone has mastered the alchemy of blending glamour with the rawness of reality in photography, it’s Juergen Teller. The German photographer, born in 1964, has gained international acclaim for his stark yet captivating images that disrupt conventional fashion photography. He’s known for capturing the essence of icons such as Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Kurt Cobain, Björk, and Kim Kardashian.

In his latest exhibition at the Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, it’s his wife and creative partner, Dovile Drizyte, who takes center stage. Titled “The Myth,” the series plays on the folk belief that elevating one’s legs can boost fertility, featuring 92 diptychs arranged in a cinematic sequence. Teller’s work weaves together absurdity with romance, tenderness, and a raw honesty in what becomes a fresh ode to the art of photography.

The opening, held on December 30th, introduced not only Teller’s work but also “La Bibliothèque de Frank Horvat,” a project celebrating the work of photographer Frank Horvat. The exhibition blends the worlds of fashion, art, and photography in a celebration of creative vision.

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The Myth Designed by Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte

192 pages, 184 images

22.5 x 16.5 cm


ISBN 978-3-96999-294-4

The Myth
01 December – 20 January 2024




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