AVNIER x ArianeGroup’s stellar capsule collection: A Glance into the Future


Delving into the convergence of seemingly disparate worlds, transcending the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and human expression – AVNIER and ArianeGroup explore the Interdisciplinary Dialogue of aesthetics and science.


At the core of high fashion, where creativity knows no boundaries, one might be surprised to find inspiration from the universe’s farthest reaches. Yet, the infinite mysteries of the cosmos have exerted a profound and enduring influence on couture – A Glimpse into the Future.

With a substantial commitment to innovation, ArianeGroup has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of space exploration through its cutting-edge technologies and expertise. The collaboration with Paris-based audiovisual workwear AVNIER revives the legend of the Ariane 5 rocket, commemorating the work of men and women behind the most significant aerospace missions.  

Under the vision of AVNIER’s founders, Orelsan and Sébastien Strappazon, the VA5AV collection unveils silhouettes of tomorrow, drawing inspiration from celestial bodies and the vast expanse of space. ArianeGroup’s expertise and heritage in space technology mirror the pioneering aerospace materials – lightweight, durable garments adaptable to various environmental conditions. 

In the hearts of those who dream of the infinite above, AVNIER and ArianeGroup encapsulate the limitless possibilities of human ingenuity. 


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Melissa Alibo

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, Melissa likes to define herself as a contemporary nomad. Less routine, more life is her motto. Curiosity has always driven her desire to explore new environments, cultures, and ways of life.