THEBE MAGUGU’s Heirloom Blouse: Wear Your Heart and History with Personalized Wax Prints photos by Jean Gris

Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you’re considering Christmas gifts for your loved ones or even a treat for yourself at any time of the year, Thebe Magugu presents customizable Wax Print Blouses. These unique blouses allow customers to incorporate their personal images and names directly into the print. Starting with a pre-order window from October 6th to the 22nd, 2023, customers can visit There, they’ll have the opportunity to upload a cherished photo, enabling Thebe Magugu to design a tailored wax print just for them. The exclusive designs will be shipped worldwide starting December 10th.

“At THEBE MAGUGU, our ethos centers around preservation,” shares Thebe Magugu. “I adore the concept of wearing one’s emotions so openly, making this initiative both a tangible and symbolic gesture. It allows individuals to honor those who’ve significantly impacted them, whether they’re family, friends, or figures, living or passed.” These shirts, tailored for both genders, come in a spectrum of three colors: Sky Blue, Candy Pink, and Lime Green. Moreover, they are available in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Double Extra Large.

“African wax prints often depict notable historical figures,” Thebe continues. “But so often, these images are chosen for us. I’m passionate about empowering everyone to shape their history, using the faces that mean most to them.” As a touching tribute, Thebe has featured an image of his late grandmother, Matiego Magugu, in prayer on his own shirt. “Wearing it evokes a sense of protection and her watchful presence. I encourage people to choose their designs based on deep emotional connections; it’s as if you’re carrying a tangible piece of a greater whole with you.”

For a seamless experience, the Thebe Magugu website has undergone a revamp, now featuring a 3D design portal. Here, customers can visualize their Heirloom Blouse, customized to their preferences. Crafted in Semi-Matte Satin, the Heirloom Blouse promises to reach its proud owners by December 10th, 2023.



Diane Pernet

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