Blending Art and Skate Culture: A Unique Collection of Skateboard Decks – Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Working together with artists Michèle Lamy, Danny Minnick, Chris Benfield, Skyler DeYoung, and Scarlett Rouge, Carpenters Workshop Gallery has put together a unique collection of 21 skateboard decks. These are available for purchase at The Workshop Shop.

Originally showcased in the 2022 Los Angeles exhibit called “Turning Tricks,” each skateboard deck comes with a matching hand-crafted woodblock print.

Skateboarding has come a long way, from its roots as an underground subculture to being featured in the Olympic Games. This project adds another layer to its cultural relevance by merging it with the realm of high-end, collectible design.

The artists:

Michèle Lamy eludes simple categorisation. An artist, entrepreneur, producer, collaborator, and performer who studied philosophy under post-structuralist Gilles Deleuze and worked as a defence lawyer.

Danny Minnick is an American Neo-Expressionist painter, professional skateboarder, skateboard cinematographer, actor, and director. Minnick is known for his vibrant painting style and for approaching his work with an instinctive sense of wonder and curiosity.

Chris Benfield is principal of Benfield Partners, a design/build studio based in New York City and Los Angeles. Benfield’s projects range in scale from single-family residences and mid-rise buildings to flagship retail spaces for some of the world’s most influential brands.

Skyler DeYoung is a third-generation artist, carpenter, and designer. His creative interests took shape at a young age after discovering the work of Italian designer Carlo Mollino and American architect Buckminster Fuller.
Rouge’s interdisciplinary practice echoes her nomadic life, which has been influenced by mythos, geographical settings, and navigation between cultures. A disciple of ‘art as the new religious movement’, she infuses her distinct playfulness across artistic expression.



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