UNDERCOVER Unveils “The Banshees”: A Dark Symphony of Fragility and Elegance at PFW SS24 by Leticia Dare


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UNDERCOVER Unveils “The Banshees”: A Dark Symphony of Fragility and Elegance


UNDERCOVER, the visionary fashion brand helmed by Jun Takahashi, takes us on a haunting journey with their latest collection, aptly titled “The Banshees.” Drawing inspiration from the wailing Banshees of Irish folklore, this mesmerizing ensemble immerses us in a world that is simultaneously dark and fragile, creating a symphony of suppressed colors and understated elegance.

Collaborating with acclaimed painter Helen Verhoeven, UNDERCOVER showcases a series of captivating garments infused with Verhoeven’s evocative artwork. The collaboration breathes life into the collection, adding a layer of depth to the already enigmatic narrative. These dark canvases, meticulously constructed from deconstructed and rebuilt tees as well as dress shirts, embody an ethereal quality that both mesmerizes and intrigues.

In this sartorial tapestry, UNDERCOVER collaborates with Justin Davis to create a range of exquisite jewelry pieces that perfectly complement the collection’s haunting aesthetic. Crafted with precision and finesse, these adornments, scattered throughout the ensembles, serve as delicate accents, enhancing the overall allure.

Underscoring the enigmatic atmosphere are the exceptional headwear creations resulting from the collaboration between UNDERCOVER and KIJIMA TAKAYUKI. The hats, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully integrated, become key players in the visual composition, exuding a distinctive sense of avant-garde style fused with traditional craftsmanship.

Adding a touch of grace to each step, the shoes from the collaboration between UNDERCOVER and OOFOS exude an otherworldly quality. With their ethereal designs and impeccable construction, they transport the wearer into the very heart of the Banshees’ haunting realm. Meanwhile, the shoes created in partnership with Guidi exemplify the perfect harmony between contemporary design and Italian craftsmanship, anchoring the collection with their understated yet commanding presence.

“The Banshees” collection by UNDERCOVER is a masterful exploration of darkness and fragility. The subdued color palette creates a world of quiet elegance, allowing the garments and the accompanying artwork to take center stage. With each piece meticulously crafted, UNDERCOVER unveils a collection that captures the essence of the wailing Banshees, striking a delicate balance between darkness and sweetness, fragility and strength.





Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.