Near4rest: Empowering Youth through Culture and Kindness by Xing Hoo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Near4rest, the dynamic and multi-layered creative organization, emerges as a cultural sanctuary for today’s youth. Its branches devoted to fashion, music, art, and well-being converge to create a captivating haven of creativity, beckoning the younger generation to reimagine our world. At its core, Near4rest aspires to nurture a compassionate ethos, recognizing the transformative power of youth and endeavoring to sow the seeds of kindness that will inspire the next generation.

Through a harmonious integration of fashion, film, music, and art, Near4rest provides platforms for youth participation and co-creation, encouraging them to express their voices and take action. As these young individuals mature, they will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow, bearing an ethos rooted in compassion that permeates all aspects of their lives. Fashion, music, film, and art serve as accessible avenues through which Near4rest initiates conversations with the ultimate objective of effecting positive change.


The fashion segment of Near4rest assumes a pivotal role in engaging with contemporary culture. Each collection reverberates with profound respect for local traditions, incorporating abstract elements derived from unique journeys. These fashion offerings not only embody the essence and spirit of their respective cultures but also enable wearers to physically connect, experience, and internalise the stories they represent. For Near4rest, fashion becomes a vehicle for their mission, accompanying individuals on their daily voyages while fostering cultural understanding and compassion.

The inaugural collection, aptly titled “Saints of Beirut,” draws inspiration from workwear and the tragic explosion at the Beirut Port. This collection seeks to foster unity with Lebanon by incorporating the dreams and aspirations of children in refugee camps. Embracing the city’s unique duality, the designs play with contrasting elements—damaged and untouched—acknowledging the coexistence of light and shadow. Cut-out shapes symbolise this duality, reflecting the notion that in the face of adversity, we emerge stronger and wiser. Through this collection, Near4rest pays homage to Beirut’s history and culture while infusing it with a spirit of unity and hope for the future.

What sets Near4rest apart from other fashion brands is its unwavering commitment to common well-being as the brand’s DNA. The organisation draws inspiration from specific regions and cultures, with a steadfast commitment to donate 10% of revenue to support their audience’s connection not only with fashion garments but also with the aesthetic of local culture. By transcending national boundaries, Near4rest believes in the interconnectedness of humanity as a whole. Their innovative ‘Young Power System’ enables individuals worldwide to engage in their mission by purchasing a product with a unique ‘Young Power Code’ that initiates the donation process. Shoppers can track the progress of their contribution, from its inception to its impact on those in need.

Through their focus on local culture, Near4rest fosters a stronger sense of community and compassion, transcending geographical boundaries. Their efforts to empower youth and promote kindness are pivotal in shaping a better world for the future.


Have a lovely day,