«Dawa» in Arabic can either mean «disorder» or «bazaar». This word and the cessation of 3537, are the inspirations for the group exhibition that will be held at the Hotel Particulier. This exhibition presents a group of artists whose mediums range from sculpture to sonic installations and even memes.

This exhibition is curated by Latif Samassi, a member of 3537.

Despite the apparent chaos suggested by the term «Dawa», the exhibition features careful organization and attention to detail. This exhibition is a celebration of beauty and pleasure, as a way of bidding farewell to 3537. DAWA opens on the first day of June and should not be missed.

Opening: June 1, 6pm – 10pm

Exhibition: June 2 – 11, 11am – 7pm


Dawa in the building – Free entry


Visual by ILIAS METTIOUI @iliasmettioui

With the artwork « SISSY BOY » by LOUKA ANARGYROS @louka_anargyros

Transparent drawing on top by ANTOINE CONDE @ed.nock



Diane Pernet

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