Diane Pernet is an internationally renowned fashion creative, film journalist and founder of ‘A Shaded View Of Fashion Film’ (ASVOFF) festival. Famed for her enigmatic sheaths of black, feature Mantilla and signature sunglasses aesthetic – her distinctive, holistic approach to the fashion and media industries inspired her to search and capture the essences of her talents, experiences and inspirations to present within a unified perfume collection. Diane Pernet Paris Perfumes are composed of five main scents with each one acting as the protagonist of various emotive acknowledgements. Shaded, Wanted, Love Affair, To Be Honest and In Pursuit Of Magic form the unisex collection which was produced for Pernet from 2014 up to present day.

‘Created in close partnership with the Intertrade Group, the collection took two years with its clandestine formation between Pernet and Celso Fadelli, group CEO. Over a short period of time, the collaboration blossomed and a shared inquisitiveness led to the investigation of the collection’s narrative – exploring the recurring memories, moods and sensations that echoed across Pernet’s life, allowing her to carefully seek the perfect musical notes for the composition of her choral chapters.’ – Charles Daniel McDonald

Pernet’s collaboration with the Intertrade team of chemists sought to immortalise her sense of style and experiences within each perfume, by seeking out the optimum combination of ingredients with which to hit the right note. A comprehensive analysis of all details was respected – from the minimal design of the bottle (paying homage to her iconic spider symbol), to other aspects of her persona which was embodied through a succession of olfatic narratives and vivid vignettes. Such details were realised for the project by designer Mario Salvucci, who was responsible for the content – right down to the inside of the cap and container which pays homage to her exact shade of lipstick.

The inimitable launch took place within the Palais Royal’s Joyce Gallery in Paris. Curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, the creative entrepreneur and business partner of Intertrade Group, the event featured iconography and artwork from international talents such as Ivo Bisignano, Alessio Bruno, Mitja Bokun, Roger Duncan, Marisa Fjarem, Sonny Gu, Miguel Villalobos and Nick Walker; all of whom had been inspired by the trademark style of one of the most recognisable women in fashion. A special jewellery collection comprising the infamous spiders worn by Pernet was also created by Salvucci and sold exclusively within the Intertrade Group.

Each fragrance within the Diane Pernet Paris collection demonstrates a passion, experience and ‘joie de vivre‘ as a vehicle from which to reminisce over the power of memory, the importance of happiness, the pleasure of being unconditionally loved and the sanctity of sincerity.


Shaded Eau de parfum is a woody, aromatic unisex fragrance which evokes visions of nocturnal rendezvous and night swimming under the illumination of a full moon. The scent of fresh saltwater caressing your body then trickling down into a more subtle incense base provides a sensation akin to that of eagerly awaiting a lover’s touch. Gently embraced within the ocean’s haze, emotions are obscured by the vigorous plume of vetiver’s smoky incense which dances across a passionate caress of musk and guaiac wood, affording the wearer an intimate fade into the darkness with the essence of the emotions that lovers have and transmit without the use of words.

Diane Pernet Paris – Shaded

Shaded derives from a smoky, earthy family – blending bracing maritime notes and aromatic vetiver with the earthiness of musk and guaiac wood. This enigmatic fragrance also features peng musk with discreet notes of incense. Shadowy, yet amorous top notes allow this fragrance to set the mood through its woody amalgams. If ever there was a perfume for unexpected encounters, then this is it. Just don’t tell anyone.


Wanted is a spicy, woody unisex fragrance. Within this chapter, we experience the reminiscence of a random stroll through an eclectic oriental garden as a fine mist befalls it on a cool autumn day. Around us is an unkempt and outgrown garden which has been encapsulated by damp textural moss, morphing into ancient stone sculptures which have been forgotten by a curtain of heavy foliage over the course of time. During this wander, we are welcomed into sporadic pockets of exotic scents which are elevated and transposed by a soft cloud of steam across natures rugged playground.

Diane Pernet Paris – Wanted

Wanted is an earthy, aromatic, spicy fragrance with appearances from clove, sweet juniper, leather, nutmeg and spicy musk – lingering in the air to create an addictive combination. Quietly confident and striking, this will refresh and invigorate your senses with all the potencies of Mother Nature’s cabinet.


Love Affair is a floral, woody, musky unisex fragrance which invites us to take a sacrificial leap into the holistic heights of passion. The gratifying rose base captivates like the accountable, hazy memories of a first love. Brimming with secret passion and emotion, we remain grounded by the intense notes from its mossy vetiver. Love Affair conjures ethereal notions that whisper memories from the most sensual of past liaisons, whilst acknowledging the reality of the present moment.

Diane Pernet Paris – Love Affair

Love Affair is an enriching, musky fragrance which accommodates an emotive floral connection. Appearances from rose, wood, vetiver and moss leave you unwittingly and momentarily love struck. Sensual and captivating, this will affirm to you the priceless pleasure of memory and the timeless vulnerability of love.


To Be Honest is a woody, spicy unisex fragrance. It conveys the discovery of an ancient church, hidden within a woodland clearing, whilst on an early morning walk; one enriched with clear air, woody tones and green notes. This luscious, fertile and enriching fragrance then beckons you further to respectfully investigate this solemn space. Once inside, the energy of an unseen guest surrounds you within the sanctuary where candles burn silently with only their flames dancing gently in the morning’s cross breeze. Plains of incense linger high above the oratory, giving the impression of a recently departed congregation with the only presences still in attendance being the notes of black pepper, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, amber and cedar wood which stay to pay homage to an universal, unseen love.

Diane Pernet Paris – To Be Honest

To Be Honest is intrepid, candid and bold. This earthy, aromatic fragrance features fusions from the most authoritive notes of nature. A strategic selection of spicy black pepper, patchouli, myrrh, vetiver, rich cedar, amber and leather mingle to create a rich and full bodied perfume which employs nature’s bounty for the perfect way to make yourself be heard. With or without words, for a day or for an eternity.


In Pursuit Of Magic is a citrus, aromatic unisex fragrance which indulges you with the sensation that you have crossed over into a familiar, yet parallel world. Commanding views of the world below, you stand before the doors of an abandoned temple, nestling high upon an unforgiving hilltop. Within this space, time appears to be abandoned within the stolen moments from its sensory overload. The surrounding citrus air both invigorates and purifies you with its tart, intense and clean presence; leaving its host feeling both restored, protected and almost spellbound.

Diane Pernet Paris – In Pursuit Of Magic

In Pursuit Of Magic hails from the alters of the earthy, green, spicy and aromatic citrus notes – with the occasional undertone of Marijuana. This presents the carrier with a mysterious yet elegant scent which slowly gains momentum as the day progresses. It simultaneously evokes the emotions of bitterness and joy alongside the unknown and the familiar within this exotic elixir of juxtapositions.

If you´re still unsure about why fragrance has power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearance or emotions, then acquiring the personification of experience from the Diane Pernet Paris collection of characters will always end hitting the right chord; wherever you feel like going in your imagination.


Article: Charles Daniel McDonald

Photography: Intertrade Group