Ruinart Carte Blanche 2023 – Eva Jospin – “Promenade(s) en Champagne” March 10-12 at Carreau du Temple

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Each year Ruinart chooses an artist to collaborate with and this year it is Eva Jospin and last night I went to the event to celebrate both the champagne and the wonderful art. Eva Jospin was inspired by the region and the history of the Maison to create a vegetal and mineral landscape. It was sculpted out of cardboard and was a truly transcending experience. In addition to the art we were accompanied by Ruinart delicious champagne.

Cardboard is the material of choice of the artist Eva Jospin. I got a personal kick out of that as I had the artist Miguel Villalobos create the recent ASVOFF 14 trophy out of cardboard, a very sustainable material, quite ordinary cardboard in the artist’s hands becomes extraordinary. The patience sculpting the cardboard is similar to taking the grape and through alchemy and skill, turning it into champagne of the highest order.

I did not have the opportunity to meet Eva Jospin but did have a lovely chat with her mother, Elisabeth Dannenmuller, who told me that originally Eva studied architecture but when she had a change of direction presented her mother with a rose and said thank you for your support but now I want to pursue my art and off she went to study and lucky for us that she did.



Visit of the exhibition and tasting of a glass of champagne in the heart of the work
14€ / person, duration (45 min)
Visit of the exhibition and tasting workshop of 3 glasses of champagne, led by an ambassador of the House
69€ / person, duration (1h)
Visit of the exhibition and cocktail party: one glass of champagne of your choice, 3 dishes prepared by chefs
39€ / person

Diane Pernet

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