Renewed twisted elegance at Marine Serre PFW F/W 23/24 by Leticia Dare



Dear Shaded Viewers,


Within three soaring towers of tightly compressed abandoned clothing aimed to echo our own absurd destruction of this planet, Marine Serre’s inspiring message was clear. As the show started with a poem written by Marine. “Nothing is created. Everything is transformed. To love is to repair. It must be simple. We are repaired, we are reused… We are restitched, we are re-embroidered…”.  With this in mind all element’s of the show were created from deadstock, recycled or recovered materials. As Marine continues to make every effort to form part of the solution towards sustainability and climate change. From here the results were impressive and formed her best show yet. Repurposed scarves became dresses, textile fabrics usually seen in highly ornamented interiors (including patterned tapestries, jacquards, and brocades) now formed jackets and skirts. Her signature print was once again incorporated into looks like a second skin under dresses with some from head to toe. The use of recovered motorcycle gear was a personal favourite to produce a strapless structured gown. Twisted elegance.




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.