Marc Audibet the man behind the “stretch” – “If fashion were told to me” by Martine Lecamus, fashion historian in L’Opinion

Marc Audibet: the instigator of comfortable chic

His name is unknown to the general public. Yet he invented a new textile almost 40 years ago. By mixing Lycra with other textiles (linen, wool, satin, muslin), he invented this notion of elasticity and comfort, which is still essential today. He created his brand in 1983 and made headlines with silhouettes that had no zips, no buttons and virtually no seams. He also designed a suit that would become his signature. The idea was so innovative for the time that it made suppliers and investors back off. French factories refused to equip themselves with machines to develop this highly technical fabric. He closed down in 1990. Marc Audibet is not only a couturier, he is a visionary and an industrial designer who has worked for the United States, Italy and Japan. He started at Ungaro, as an assistant. Then at Cerruti, where he imagined a woman with a careerist look. By dressing her in men’s clothes, he established the beginnings of the non-gendered world well before its time. After having worked for Madame Grès, Hermès, Prada, Trussardi, Ferragamo and Vionnet, he has been with British designer Connolly since 2016. Although he remains a modest and confidential designer, many brands and fashion designers have taken up his innovations.

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