Aesop opens in a new location in the Marais – 12 rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris 75003

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last week I was invited to join a small group of Aesop lovers to walk from 133 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris to the new location  12 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris. We were given 3 sticks of Kagerou Aromatique Incense, which is woody with a top note of vetivert. There are 3 different scents, the other two are: Murasaki and Sarashina, the three are woody, each with different top notes. Imagine the trail we made as we all walked from one location to the other leaving behind us the delightful smouldering woody scent. 

The new 80 m2 Aesop shop is located in what was once a bakery. There are large stainless steel sinks mixed with raw wood, the space feels warm and welcoming with curves rather than sharp edges. I am definitely not new to the brand and over the past decade + I’ve used many of their products. I’m sure you know that Aesop does not test on animals and that public spaces that have their hand wash have to clamp the containers to the wall as people are always trying to walk away with the containers because the product smells that good. My skin was feeling a bit dry and the cream that I have been using the past few months was not really doing the trick. I took this moment to sample some of the Aesop creams and discovered perfect facial hydrating cream and honestly within one day I could see the difference. This is not a paid testimonial, if only it was…just an honest evaluation for a product I’ve grown to love.

If you are not able to visit the newest Aesop shop you can find the full range of Aesop products online.




Diane Pernet

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